Sub Folio Title Search

Provides detailed information about a specific portion of a property, including ownership details, encumbrances, and other registered interests

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About Sub Folio Title Search

A sub folio title search from Land Registry Services (LRS) is a comprehensive document that offers detailed insights into a specific portion of a property. This search includes critical information such as the registered owner(s) of the property, any existing encumbrances (e.g., mortgages, easements, or covenants), and other registered interests or restrictions that may affect the property’s use or value. The sub folio title search is an indispensable tool for conveyancers, builders, and bankers, providing a clear picture of the legal status and obligations tied to the property. It ensures that all parties involved in a property transaction are aware of any potential legal issues or claims, facilitating informed decision-making and smooth property dealings.

Document prices and availability might change depending on council.

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