Instrument 88b

Legal document in New South Wales attached to a Deposited Plan, establishes and enforces various legal provisions on subdivided land.

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About Instrument 88b

The Instrument 88B is a crucial legal document in New South Wales. Attached to a Deposited Plan, this instrument establishes and enforces various legal provisions on subdivided land upon its registration. These provisions include:

  • Easements: Granting rights to use certain parts of the land for specific purposes, such as access or utility maintenance.
  • Restrictions on Use: Imposing limitations on how the land can be used, which may restrict building heights or types of permissible businesses.
  • Positive Covenants: Requiring landowners to undertake specific actions, such as maintaining communal areas or structures.

This instrument ensures that all conditions, restrictions, and obligations are legally binding for current and future landowners, thereby shaping the development and use of the property according to predefined rules. Its application is critical for structured land development and management.

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