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Automated Deeds Indexing System (ADIS) your key to unlocking detailed property deed information effortlessly. A must-have for savvy buyers and those needing precise property insights.

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About ADIS Book Number

Dive into the details of property history with unparalleled ease using our Automated Deeds Indexing System (ADIS) Report. Designed for the discerning buyer, legal professional, or real estate enthusiast, this report is your key to a comprehensive understanding of a property's deed history.

Product Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the inception of the ADIS in 1992, access detailed records of property deeds, offering a window into the property's past transactions and ownership changes.
  • Digitally Enhanced Access: With documents scanned and stored since March 1998, our reports leverage the Document and Integrated Imaging System (DIIMS) for crystal-clear digital copies of deeds.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to information not readily available to the public, including Causes, Writs, and Orders, meticulously searched and compiled from the Integrated Titling System (ITS).
  • Historical Depth: For properties with a longer story, our Deed Name Search includes records from November 1992 onwards, ensuring you don’t miss a beat in your property's history.

Why Choose the ADIS Report?

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Trust in the precision of our indexing and the reliability of our historical data to make informed decisions.
  • Effortless Process: Save time and avoid the complexity of traditional searches with our streamlined online access.
  • Professional Support: Benefit from the expertise of our team, available to guide you through your report and answer any queries.
  • Valuable for Various Needs: Whether you're evaluating a purchase, conducting legal research, or simply curious about a property's past, the ADIS Report is an invaluable tool.

Document prices and availability might change depending on council.

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