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The perfect choice for anyone planning to renovate, expand, or undertake any project in between. Ideal for professionals in the development sector, it equips you with the essential tools needed to embark on your journey.

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The Building & Development Essentials Pack includes the key documents required to undertake any building or construction project, all for a discounted price.

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Confirm a property’s legal ownership and identify any claims on that property.
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Deposited or Strata Plan
A lodgement to define; the legal boundary of an individual free standing property or individually owned lots and common property within a parcel of land.
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Instrument 88b
Legal document in New South Wales attached to a Deposited Plan, establishes and enforces various legal provisions on subdivided land.
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Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate
Planning Certificates give information on the development potential of a parcel of land including the planning restrictions that apply to the land on the date the certificate is issued.
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